expertises amiables immobilier, expertises judiciaires immobilier, immobilier d'habitation
expertises amiables immobilier, expertises judiciaires immobilier, immobilier d'habitation
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Welcome to EMA EXPERTS

Our business : valuating property and property rights


Our experts will be glad to help you with judicial valuations and valuations by mutual agreement.



Why should you call on EMA Experts?


  • Our team consists of qualified and highly experienced valuers
  • Our office is independent from any financial and commercial activities
  • We strictly respect our business deontology
  • We guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality
  • Our experts specialise in residential property and in commercial or industrial property



We can help you in different fields:


  • For private individuals: sale, purchasing, mortgage buy-back, rentings, bank guarantees, inheritances, joint heirships, divorces, tax returns for general property tax, compulsory purchase, etc.


  • For companies: sale, purchase, mortgage buy-back, renting, business lease renewals, mergers- acquisitions, bank guarantees, property leasing, compulsory purchases, dispossessions, total asset reevaluation, recovery of receivables, share or no-par value share valuating, sales or purchases of rights in case of building leases, commercial premises valuating, etc.



We are qualified and highly experienced experts:


  • Alexandre ESPIET-MOGNAT
    • Associate Chief Executive
    • Expert in property valuation
    • Degrees: ICH (Institute for construction and housing) M.A. Accountancy and finance
    • Post-graduate degree in economics of construction and activities related to property
    • Qualified Recognised European Valuer & RICS Registered Valuer
    • Member of the following professional associations: CEJB - CNEFAF - CNEJI - IFEI - RICS
    • Teacher at CNAM-ICH


    • Associate Chief Executive
    • Senior property expert
    • Degrees: ICH - M.A. in private law
    • Certified Recognised European Valuer
    • Member of the following professional associations : CNEJI - IFEI



Our skills and expertise:


We specialise in valuating property for rental value and market value


Our property experts have a wide range of experience for valuating property and the following rights:


  • Residential real estate property: building land, residential, apartments, castles, apartment buildings, chalets
  • Commercial property: retail outlets, supermarkets, shopping centres, large supermarkets.
  • Property for service businesses: hubs and buildings for offices, professional premises
  • Production sites: premises for small and medium-sized businesses and offices, industrial sites and buildings
  • Storage buildings: traditional warehouses, refrigerated warehouses, messaging warehouses, logistical bases
  • Specific buildings: hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, discos, IT- centres, cinemas, small hydro-electric power plants, service stations, campsites, etc.
  • Urban planning and building laws: rights of lease, building leases, development rights, etc.
  • Business premises



They regularly rely on us:


  • Retailers: boutique owners, supermarket or hotel owners
  • Craftsmen and industrialists
  • Regional or international banks
  • Property leasing companies
  • French and foreign investors
  • Investment managers
  • Legal officers: lawyers, solicitors, statutory agents, liquidators
  • Health professionals: private hospital operators, nursing home operators
  • Property professionals: agencies, promoters and developers
  • Chartered accountants and mergers-acquisitions consultants
  • Local authorities
  • Associations and NGOs
  • Insurance companies and mutual benefit associations



We would be pleased to inform you:


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